Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adding it Up in Chicago

urban + art + farm = the perfect formula for a public space.

Presenting a glimpse of one of Chicago's many urban farms...
I bet O'lover will want to forge a funky trellis when he sees this cool sculpture.
The fantastic foliage textures and colors almost-sort-of light a fire in my belly to do something like this at a park in Provo. Meanwhile I'm just enjoying that this coolness exists HERE. Meet David, one of two farmers at this site. While he's interning here in Chicago he has also leased a greenway (with a pond!) in Chapel Hill North Carolina and is orchestrating the beginnings of an urban farm there.
He was planting new seeds in several bare beds when I stopped by.
Here are some of the students who help out.
And here is David again on Saturday at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park.
"Art on the Farm" features more than 150 varieties of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. For more about the farm visit Growing Power.

Besos from Chicago!

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