Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anaconda Squeeze

Dear reader,

While I have been lent out to my sister, all my housewifery duties back at home have been generously picked up by my mum-in-law, my neighbor Summer, and most of all my O'lover. Without them the homestead would be fried in that hot summer Utah sun. It's a lot of work to keep everyone and everything fed and watered, I know. Thanks guys! I love you. I am with this guy.

He got written up at preschool for doing the anaconda squeeze on the other children. And then that preschool had a freak flood and is closed for three weeks. So Mr. T and I have been doing a full time anaconda squeeze on Chicago and enjoying every ounce of freshly squeeeeezed goodness.

Such as 13 days at the Crown Fountain, 3 Beluga Whales, 3 farmers market visits, 1 hidden vegetable garden, 1 pepper planting, heirloom raspberry picking, 1 goat petting, 1 foam office at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1 Children's Festival, 2 bands at the park, 2 days at the Art Institute museum, 1 Contemporary Art Museum visit, 1 roof top barbecue, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and Pirate ships, Pirate Field Museum, Pirate windows at Macy's, Pirates and cannons in flowerbeds, everywhere, and pirate flags.

Pirates. I love this city.

Squeezes, from us pirates, me and Mr. T.


Becky said...

Your nephew is ADORABLE. He is lucky to have such a RAD aunt!

mooncowboy said...

looks like you guys had so much fun. awesome.