Thursday, July 23, 2009

Window Seat, Cave Man, and Mr. and Mrs. Provo

Sometimes I am so delighted by my witchiness! sigh.

I just flew home. I was feeling oh so crowded on the plane thinking to myself, "I wish I had the window seat" when the guy next to me, in the window seat, started sneezing. and sneezing. He kept apologizing and reassuring me he did not have H1N1. You guys, I can tune out normal sneezing no problem. La dee da. But he kept SNEEZING. It got so bad that he could barely breathe in between sneezes. I asked him if he was allergic to anything? Nope. SNEEZE. Finally the flight attendants found him a new seat. And so Mr. Sneeze-out-his-brain moved a couple of rows back. And to everyone's relief stopped sneezing!

I think that guy was allergic to me.

But at least I got my window seat and I've never seen the Utah mountains so lusciously green.

Does it bother anyone that I pretend to be witchy? I think it's funny.

Hey! I'm officiating at my friends' after-the-temple wedding ceremony. I'm so nervous. and excited.

And remember soft-spoken Daniel who uses no money? From this film shoot in the treehouse? Well, he's featured on They show a picture of the cave he inhabits. Check him out here.

And lo and behold, Chicago's Daley Plaza Farmers' Market has a Provo Bakery! The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Provo, had never heard of their city in Utah! Now they know! My gosh, if there were a city named my last name i would make a pilgrimage for sure.

signed, missing tamtam and crew but will visit again very soon.


Alan said...

A witch (in my experiance, and I'm married to one so I should know) is someone who is connected to the spirit of a place. She uses that connection to aid and protect her community. I don't think that's a bit weird. I also don't find it at odds with living a "religious live", but there are many priests, bishops, and clergy that would disagree - to the point of burning if they could get away with it. They are uncomfortable with the idea that there are multiple paths to God. That doesn't mean you should be...

GrittyPretty said...

Ohhhhhh. Beautiful definition of "witch", I embrace it. Thanks.

I had a conversation with friends about various definitions. We all like yours the best.