Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Years and a baby!

Dear O'lover,
We got hitched five years ago as of this afternoon. Yay! And our niece, ZigZag, was born this morning! August 11th is something else, ey?


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary. And damn that baby. She was supposed to come on my birthday (well the day before, but I was sending her 'Hold on for dear life til the 3rd' messages Unfortunately, from across the ocean she didn't get the 'ok, let go now' messages until too late.) Well, I'm glad she could make YOUR day even more special, at least! :)

pamela said...

ahhh! happy anniversary. by the way, that is my anniversary with bryan as well! how grand that we share it.

sue-donym said...

Yours is a beautiful love story.

And I'm sorry I made you cry listening to the Painters song. It still reminds me of you and O everytime I hear it.

GrittyPretty said...

Jennifer! Happy Belated Birthday! =)

Pamela, Another reason for me to like August 11th!

Sue-donym, Sniff Sniff.

CuriousSmith said...

Congratulations, Quelly and Ollie!