Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Thumb Heroes- Part I

This is a series where I get to share WHO is rocking my little world.


From one gardening junkie to another...

This guy has got the stuff!
His name is Monty Don. Notice his worn clothes and the patch on his elbow (how thrifty!) If you remember nothing else about Monty just remember he's the handsome Brit with great affection for dirt. Monty is the President of the Soil Association which promotes "sustainable food and farming through the use of local, seasonal and organic systems."

I first learned of Monty from watching the BBC Series "Around the World in 80 Gardens". Ollie and I have watched the entire series three times. The featured gardens- all 80 of them- offer a unique high that would leave our mouths hanging open. And then Monty, the host, would lure us on to yet another garden high! It's a masterpiece and creating it took its toll on Monty's health. He now enjoys a more well-paced life at his farm in Herefordshire, England. I admire Monty for his openness about personal struggles he's experienced throughout his life (google him).

Here's Monty with his sweet wife Sarah. They work together on the farm and in the kitchen. She's wearing a nifty dress, don't you think? Can you imagine taking an old t-shirt, cutting below the sleeves, and adding two panels to re-fashion a similar outfit?

If you're in the market here are two books by Monty...

This one is co-written by Sarah Don.Do you need a free fix of more Monty Don? Click here to see links to all the articles from Monty's weekly column at the UK's Daily Mail.

Next Green Thumb Hero...Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.


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