Friday, August 07, 2009

Jarring Prettiness

Canning season will soon be upon us. Hip! Hip!
This lady is the 2008 canning champion. You are so cool lady.
Yes, canning is a competitive sport. But as the intimidating USDA rules currently stand my made- up method of using agave nectar in my syrups disqualify me. This competition is about much more than food safety. And I am not that precise. I am crying into my yerba maté. I am not actually crying.

Ah well. I will watch and cheer from the bleachers.

Bonus: Canning anecdotes by funny man Robert Kirby. (Made me laugh into my first cup of yerba maté. I am now on my third cup and ready to go!)

*photos from the Salt Lake Tribune.

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pamela said...

makes me wish i had something pretty to can.