Saturday, August 08, 2009

Very Married, Dressed to Impress, My Ex's Ex

First, Chris & Cherie are married! I was so honored to officiate at their commitment ceremony. Chris was my favorite philosophy professor. Cherie just finished her masters degree and will be a nurse practitioner. They are a magical team with a story book life. And they're living happily ever after...

in this next photo I'm wearing a velvet dress scored from LuLu's yard sale. As of tonight this is my skateboarding-in-the-dark outfit, a huge improvement over my no bra and the pajamas that I was wearing late last night when I unexpectedly skated into People I Know. Even worse...they were People I Know AND Want to Impress. Remember being a kid and thinking that if you closed your eyes you became invisible? If only that were true!
Lastly, this is the cover of CHEFS ON THE FARM: Recipes and Inspiration from the Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts. I wish I wrote this book but instead my ex's ex is the author. It's gotten rave reviews. Do you ever hope you'd never actually meet your ex's ex because you are quite sure you'd worship her? (Which is super uncomfortable for everyone.)

in love with love


amy said...

Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures of Chris and Cherie, that was one beautiful wedding. I especially love the first one!

GrittyPretty said...

Thank you! It was a blast wasn't it? i was there for 4 and a half entertainment filled hours and left before the bands started playing. What a riot!
See you at the next FUNction!