Friday, October 23, 2009

Bacteria Wrangling

The kitchen and cellar have been full of bubbling, brewing, fermenting foods. Things that are alive! and need a bit of care to keep the good bacteria flourishing.

Wanna see some bacteria (and yeast) up close?

Those are kefir grains! Aren't they sooooooo lovely?! The grains turn milk (or coconut juice) into kefir but if you let them work their magic for a little longer you can hang up the curds and drain the whey.

and you'll have creamy, delicious cheese!

The kefir cheese can be used as a crumbly topping on everything from salads to baked root vegetables.

Our favorite way to eat the cheese is stuffing it into the blossoms of the volunteer mutant squashes (The squashes that would otherwise grow into cantaloupehubbards or watermelonzuchinnis- of which we had A LOT.)

Mystery Squash Blossoms
Chop fresh herbs (such as basil, oregano, thyme) into the kefir cheese.
Stuff the herbed cheese into the blossoms then dip in an egg batter and fry.