Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Moon

Sus had her baby boy... on the day of the most recent new moon.We had her baby shower a month the light of the crescent moon. (above image from the shower invitation.)

And I better get the baby quilt done... by the next full moon. Just kidding! We've got to get that quilt done..forthwith!
AJ is coming over tonight to help me finish the stitching and edging.
All of the fabric was provided by eleven friends and includes some Elvis print because the baby's dad is from Tennessee, batik from Africa, a vintage pillowcase, and as a joke one of our friends donated a scrap from a dress that Sus wore while she was dating her favorite ex-boyfriend (heehee). It's a very cool scrap so we had to use it.

I really really hope this is the special blanket that Z (baby boy) drags with him everywhere.