Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Cabbage Junkie and It hasn't only been Construction Around Here...

Recently, while still in Chicago...
In this snapshot I'm carrying a sleeping and bundled up Baby Zigzag. She looks like my very own head of ornamental cabbage, don't you think? Zigzag's mother gave me the hat to bring home as a memento; she's keeping the baby (alas!)The night I flew back into Provo City Ollie's family took us to Communal for a belated birthday dinner. We ordered one of everything!! The tastiest farm food EVER and within walking distance of the cottage!
In hind sight I should have suspected something when Ollie's mum told the server we weren't ordering dessert. NO DESSERT?! Who doesn't order dessert?
But I didn't suspect a thing.
The cottage was dark and Ollie opened the front door for me....
(you saw that coming? i didn't!)
the cottage was full of lovely friends for a surprise birthday party. happy shrieks!
Andi made some Obama bread!
Ollie made me a book full of photos and drawings contributed by friends near and far (including a Mark England original!). It was a magical night full of warmth! Thanks for taking some photos Melissa!
I will always remember my genuine surprise and am so glad for such a thoughtful husband and generous friends.