Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thinking About...and Fair Notice

"The beginning of wisdom is to get you a roof." West African Proverb

"Never let them see you sweat." Dry Idea deodorant commercial

This weekend Ollie and I tore off the leaky roof from my studio (our back garage). And reroofed it!!! We finished at 2 AM during a snow storm. Then I had a nervous breakdown because we had taken a load of old tar shingles to the dump that day and did you know that everything you're wearing at the dump is automatically contaminated with grossness? Even the clothes that didn't technically come in contact with anything? But our clothes washer hasn't been working. And I was so tired! And the laundrymat was closed! But then I remembered Momma Mia had grown up hand washing her clothes. So I threw our clothes in the bathtub and handwashed them. But couldn't wring them out by myself and O'lover wasn't feeling the urgency. And I noticed that the clothes weren't clean after all my scrubbing anyway. This month both our furnace and steam cleaner had broken so "broken" was fast becoming the household state of normalcy. This story ends with me having a bigger fit which Oliver says I should be excited about because "breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs" which included finding out that our Asko washer is still under warranty and we will have it fixed this Monday. (Don't worry, the furnace was replaced with a much more efficient model and the steam cleaner repaired.) Seriously, there had been so many times during construction that I have wanted to go all Henry David Thoreau and live in a simple small box.

So YAY!!! We are starting studio renovations! (Thanks O'lover!!)

P.S. To whomever left their paragliding gear on our back patio,

Unless there's an explanatory note, things left at the cottage get used.

Like how this fall a convertible BMW was parked in front of our house for three weeks. I used it to go walnut harvesting.

I really hope the paragliding gear is my size. Last time I used someone else's paragliding gear it was way too big and the enormous harness kept falling to my ankles. but i took it to rock canyon park and ran back and forth until i caught a bit of lift.