Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm practicing bidding farewell to 2009.

This is me with two honeys before 2009.Hello self from before this year,
you had no idea. 2009 kicked your ass. 2009 is going to make you feel like you've lost your identity, you'll say insane things (more than usual), act erratically (more than usual), spew bitterness (what?!), lose the vision you have for yourself (panic!) and why you're here (no way!).
So sorry,

Dear 2010,
Phew! Thanks for a clean slate. This will be a smooth ride. I've got boundaries and i know how to use them. I might have better perspective. I'll develop a new vision and it will include wondrous things I've never imagined. And 2010, if you get testy like 2009, that's okay too. Testiness can be incorporated, you can thank 2009 for that.

remember, the moon is waxing full and now is the time to ask for what you want to come to you. (i'm asking for a lot.)