Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go Dog Go in the Treehouse

My best AJ organized a Go Dog Go party in the treehouse. She made hot food, hot drinks, and her specialty...wool hats. AJ is a woman of many many talents. Here she is handing me one of her felted hats to wear.
All of the partiers are mountain guides/ice & rock climbers/trailwalkers so there were no worries about anyone falling off the icy ladder or sliding off the snowy observation deck. I trust them completely but still had to warn: "please maintain three points of contact at all times while climbing the ladders."
And then we had a tour of the Mothers Cookies van which is a really swell dwelling. It's huge and has a sleeping loft and the inside is powered by solar panels.

AJ is moving to the virgin islands soon. She's heading up the textiles department at an Eco resort. She'll be doing a lot of wax resist dyeing. I will miss her sooooo much. Sob. She has been staying in the treehouse every other week when she's not camping in the snowy unita basin. I'm not the only one who will have AJ withdrawals. And i quote Oliver when asked about how he will feel when AJ is gone for so long: "That's gonna suck."

We love ADORE you AJ.