Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Look About Outside

Right before the blizzards I picked the last of our parsnips. We've been having lots of parsnip curry.
Hens can be kept outside all winter with no problems. But at our house I couldn't sleep at night with worriy that their heat lamp will die and they might be cold. So I built them a strawbale wing to their chicken tractor. I used an old window for a skylight. But a week ago the forecast for our zipcode was -1 degrees so I moved the ladies into the greenhouse. Oliver is drawing up construction plans for me to make them a winter home that's tall enough for a roosting bar and will allow them access to the outside. The ladies have made it clear that being stuck in the greenhouse is a bit dull.
Unlike the ladies I love being cooped up. The cottage, though small, is never dull.