Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Look About Inside

Sometimes you must put up your feet and take tea in the cast iron bathtub that took nine (strong and heroic!) people to lift through your upstairs back window.
Everything in our upstairs bathroom is salvaged. I love the serendipity that happens when you set your intention, and plow ahead determined to find all your materials secondhand or free. Friends gave us leftover tile, a brand new wall mounted toilet, and even the drywall! We got the brand new Kohler yellow tub, our awesome bathtub faucet, light fixtures and pedestal sink (not pictured) from ReStore.
The tile shelf set along the tub serves a dual purpose. It's a place for candles and the faucet hardware is in the middle so that you can recline on either end of the tub without a concussion. Cast iron tubs hold heat really well plus we insulated the underside and all of the plumbing in the wall to the hilt.
I'll show you the rest of the bathroom soon. The plumbing was by far the hardest, most time consuming part of the process. Thanks to everyone who helped! The rest is so close to being done!

Still upstairs... the nursery corner is sponsored by my mum-in-law. She lends us the crib every time we have guests with a baby. Notice the NoelleO banner from the Beehive Bazaar. I need to find a safer place for it but for now its draped on the crib.
Our next project is the office corner which will become an inset office nook. We will dig into the attic for more space ala sewing nook and book nook. For those of you who have visited the cottage please notice that we finished the guardrail and banister! We also painted the stairwell. it looks so fresh and clean!