Monday, January 11, 2010

Four Things

First, my new strategy for gift giving to my nieces and nephews...Art Supplies All the Time!

I bought huge sketchbooks, art chalk, and drawing pencils. I couldn't find any bags big enough to hold the sketchbooks so I made some. The cotton fabric was on sale at the Fabric Mill on Center Street for 1.98/yard. The bags are reversible.
This side of the bags say quotes about painting and sculpture. Um, perfect for my intentions.
Second, I am moving ahead with my boxing ambition. =)
Third, all my new dolls have good homes. I have two more dolls coming up.
Fourth, the cottage only has one built-in closet. It wasn't big enough to store our steam cleaner and vacuum. Our bedroom was the default janitor's closet.
Not anymore! We took out the back wall and our closet is twice as big. The nook under the stairs is cleaned up and repainted. There's a second rung to hang our little used rain gear and we have space for everything, even our ironing board.

And that's all.