Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ollie's brother served in the Peace Corp, in Haiti. He has people he calls family there. And that's all I can say about the suffering. My brain can't begin to wrap around it and I just want to hold people close.

My O'lover did the sweetest thing. We've lost the vast majority of our digitally stored photos on count 'em, not one, not two, but THREE hard drives. So O secretly solicited photos from friends and surprised me with a slideshow. Here are some of what people sent (THANK YOU!!!):

On our own little parade...flower petals strewn in our wake.
I wish i could have my niece, the Scootch, surgically attached to my hip. i love that kiddo! And i love my mister's only request for my bridal shower was that it was skankilicious. so i had a cowboy stripper (i dare not post photos of that!) and a man cake (i got the best piece!)The dream team of downtown Provo...i love these dear gals.
harvesting honey...
Rachel, now of LA, and I used to braid our hair together so we'd be conjoined twins. We'd have slumber parties and I was always the first one to fall asleep (no matter what i can never stay awake!!) so sneaky Rachel would apply loads of makeup on my face as I was snoring away. In the morning I would have mirror shock. I got accustomed to never knowing what eyeliner tattoos i would wake up with. i don't have pictures of all that but i now have these:Cottage update:
  • major construction underway (as always!!)
  • i forfeited the game of Christmas chicken with my neighbors and packed it all up.
  • making lots and lots of winter squash stews and pumpkin custards
  • watching the entire British series As Time Goes By with Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer
  • contemplating my huge crush on Mandy Patinkin from Yentl and Criminal Minds