Monday, February 08, 2010

Word is....

Pow. I'd get in the ring and fight for you. Will you be my Valentine? (You're a knock-out.)

Yo peeps, I signed a paper saying i wouldn't hold anyone liable for my injury or death and BOXED.

I boxed and then was so sore I had to relearn how to WALK. For the next three days I kept almost falling over. Out of necessity all household chores and construction were suspended.

So my loves, with leisure in my heart and a tipsy wobbly walk i went and...
  • had soooo much fun at Girls Night Out at her cabin of earthly delights.
  • went to her baby shower*. And saw her there with her awesome felted rattles made from local wool.
  • supported my friend, Rebecca, at Communal for the grand opening of The Provo Orem Word!
  • celebrated my cousin's 2 year old's birthday party which was attended by over 50 people (very Argentine style.)
I feel so filled up on good times with good people! And ready nearly ready to submerge one more time (crossing fingers) into the depths of onerous construction.


* Yay! They're having a baby!!! They're the gorgeous couple with transcendent hair at the bottom of this link.