Monday, February 01, 2010


I love defiant things!
Such as this fig tree growing just up the street from me on campus! It's not supposed to be able to grow in our wintry zone 5b/6a....definitely defiant.
Was it defiant three years ago when Ollie and I took some root stock from this miraculous fig tree? Our baby fig tree has a strong lineage (but lives inside during the winter).

Brussel sprouts are supposed to be harvested after one or two light frosts in the autumn. I harvested these stalks yesterday after the harshest part of winter.
After washing and removing the yellowed leaves, look at our brussel sprouts now! They've defied all odds! After a 10 minute boiling they were exquisite!
Notice the trilobyte mortared in our bathroom floor (the full bathroom reveal is coming soon). I bet you had no idea this post was going to mention trilobytes...defiant post! I bought that trilobyte in Tucson and then met a boy who also likes trilobytes...
and then we got married and my trilobytes and his trilobytes are OUR trilobytes.

and there's nothing too much defiant about that. Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of our reclaimed bathroom floor.