Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Look Around the Garden

Ezra and I are hiding in the bushes. 'Cause that's what you do when you're wearing camouflage.For weeks (months?) at a time the cottage garden has been forgotten while baby Ezra and I have been busy doing the newborn shuffle. Well, the garden is forgotten until I want something from it. Like these purple peppers and aubergines. The Brits call eggplants aubergines. We watch British gardening shows. Late at night during baby feedings.
Most of the makings for eggplant parmesan. How unnatural to say "aubergine parmesan!" Have you tried it? It does not roll off the tongue; it sits there.
This is the first year our grapes produced and our apricots. The second year our peaches produced- but they only gave us two. Our plum trees haven't produced yet but who cares! Momma Mia supplied us with tons from her tree!
Many of our new plants (not pictured) are struggling as they were transplanted into the garden in the scorching heat of July (we were the lucky recipients of a bizillion plants from a friend who moved). Among them are a potted lime tree, orange tree, and so many natives. Next year those natives will be happy! But this year they are sad.

And we were sad when our doggie Farmer enthusiastically tackled and broke some precious art. I won't write the artist's name cause i don't want her to google herself and find out her art is broken! (yikes!) We kept this little lady head and put her with the roses.
I love my garden. Next season I vow to show more love and attention to her needs and to gussy her up. She gives us so much! But sometimes it's necessary to trek to the end of my street with this cutie to see a garden that appears effortlessly and perfectly groomed...
...Behold the postcard worthy perfection of the demonstration garden terraces at BYU. We are so lucky to live so close to such loveliness!!!

unable to edit this post as the babysitter, whose name happens to be Summer, is leaving!

Summer is leaving. Sigh.