Friday, October 15, 2010

The Falling

I met Oliver's art before I met him in 2003. And his art blew me away. The furniture, mirrors, and windows being stealthily wrapped by vines: a reference to Nature reclaiming the man-made. His hauntingly nostalgic music compositions that played when you interact with the art! And then...Oliver. I fell so hard for this beautiful man. It was only natural that this latina girl (me) rebelled against everything I instinctively felt about courtship and chased him. (First time I ever chased anyone!) Poor guy had no chance.

Becoming O'lover's was the best use of my energy EVER.

P.S. I am featured in POW's October issue! It's bilingual! And maybe it's not true but I think they darkened my hair in the photos so I'd look more latina!