Friday, October 15, 2010

We Take A Look Around

Dear Ezra,

You are a super pleasant remarkably content deliciously happy deLIGHTful child.

Unless we put you in a car seat. So we try to take a look around only by walking and riding the bus. We visit Nina teaching about patterns during art class. Here you are checking out this cute little girl's great work!
We feed some goats. We wish we could take them home with us. We visit Ralph Steele at the farmers' market. Ralph is showing us a very special and exciting olive colored egg.You are the cutest pumkin in the patch. Thanks to Lori from Stubbs family farm for taking this pic!
Back at home daddy found some good stuff in the garden. A turnip and a walking onion.
And this is a walk we took last night.
We went to the art exhibit at the B.F. Larsen gallery on campus. Here's a close-up of one of the paintings.
This is your mom and dad reenacting it. I love the expression on your face.
This is you in your pjs.
We love you so much.
Besos grandotes,
tu madre