Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lately and Making Stuff

Our dear long time friends Tabitha and Dave are engaged!!! Hoorah!! These two have a lot of excited fans!
They are the most heaven made couple! And I'm not just saying that 'cause Dave is a rocket scientist and Tabitha is getting her PhD in astronomy; they really are wonderful together.

Another top headliner is that Mr. Holy Cuteness is sitting and moving around! Here he is sitting while Ollie rakes more leaves and I make a garland to wrap around the porch.
Here's the garland which is made of branches pruned from one of our junipers.

And here is Ezra being blinded by the flash (sorry little sir!) while scooting backwards until he was lodged under the piano bench. But atleast he had his bob the builder book while he was stuck under there.
Marmalade Baby, a knitting genius!, has been teaching me how to knit longies. Here's Ezra wearing my first pair of alpaca softness.
Our Christmas tablebloth purchased from the thrift store didn't stay our tablecloth for very long.
I made a ruffle skirt out of it to wear to Ollie's office party. When Ollie asked me what we were now going to use as our tablecloth I had no idea.

But the very next day we found a box of goodies sent from our very generous friend, Miss Swiss Miss, who has been teaching dance to Burmese kids in Thailand. Amongst all that goodness was a ton of mosquito netting for the treehouse, silk, and woven cotton. As well as our new tablecloth!!
Here 'tis.

better make haste and baby proof the cottage!