Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Size of Lately

First, our thanksgiving banner turned out super-sized. In the wee hours of sewing it the original design for a small banner was forgotten and the subconscious took over and our banner is 12 feet long and is a shout-it-from-the-rooftops "give thanks". Second, Ollie and James went to find a Xmas tree. I wanted something small to fit the scale of the cottage. (Apparently small trees aren't sold but allowed to grow for a couple more years so they can fetch full price. I am a real tree rookie.) When Ollie and James returned with a fir branch from a friend's tree I was upset! I want a tree! Not a branch! But then the branch charmed me and now I want a branch every year! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

And most importantly...this baby, Mr. Holy Cuteness, bribed the judge with lots of HUGE smiles and he is officially OURS.
And he has his first sharp little tooth! Plus he grew overnight and can't fit in his size 12 months pajamas!

that banner could be a block long to express the size of my thanks,