Sunday, January 09, 2011

Two Things

First, it's AJ's birthday!! oh how we miss you AJ of beauty and kindness! and we LOVE you! and can't wait for your talented self to return from your long hiatus in the virgin islands of clean air and warm breezes!! xo to infinity my dearest!!!

Second, Ezra's Saint Nick hoodie! Sewn by me out of vintage flannel (1940s) purchased from The Cat's Cradle antique shop on Center Street. (Thanks Gary!) The unionsuit is from nina and poppy. And those adorable baby wellington boots? a gift from zendina.
and a baby who can't see? yikes and oops, apologies to my patient little sir. isn't that hoodie needing a puff ball at the end?
for the first time in five Christmases we didn't spend December doing construction projects yet our home feels more like a HOME.