Sunday, February 06, 2011

crossing our fingers

Momma Mia just sent this video collage of the city from whence my family hails.

AND I knew that Ollie, Ezra, and I may have an opportunity to live in Argentina (so soon! crossing fingers), but i thought in Buenos Aires. But today Ollie corrected me and said we'd be moving to Santa Fe which is just across the river from MY FAMILY!!! my homeland!!!

me, my blood, and pile of genes are going NUTS with happiness!!!

Years ago when we moved to USA we had to help momma mia with her english (we still have to help her with her english- hahahaha!). now ezra will learn and have to reteach me castillano, spanish!!!
random fact, did you know Viggo Mortensen grew up in and went to private school in Argentina? yup.