Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Buried Treasure

No we aren't cashing in on some mineral rights. We are getting to know the cottage inside out and even underground. Our main water line had to be replaced. Ouch. We lost our most mature rhubarb patch and some lavender and now there are huge tire tracks throughout our yard. I had to halt the tractor from running over three of our dwarf fruit trees. (Stop in the name of love!) But the guys promised this would never have to happen again in our life times!
The water had been turned off for a couple of days. Never have I so longed to get back to chores! Piled up dishes! debris dust everywhere! and our backed up laundry -especially the cloth nappies!! It was an emergency!!!

Ollie laughed when I started sweeping and said "most shortcutters sweep their mess under the rug." Not me!I am almost caught up with cleaning. Astounding how a little hiccup will set you back.