Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Cupids

"You wanna piece of me, Valentine?"
Tough love has a new mascot. Doesn't the above cupid look like he could rend your heart in two?
And this sweet cupid, Protector of your heart...
...or maybe he'll just toss it.
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Two Hearts Kissing
Ezra making the two hearts *kiss* reminds me of how once upon a time Sus taught me to take the singles ward directory and make the photos of ward members kiss each other. So addicting! Hours of fun determining likely couples and arranging trysts between odd ones too!

Sus and I LOVE dressing up our babes and will likely do this more. But we feel for professional baby wranglers- this photo shoot lasted about one minute before Z and Ezra got bored, threw down their felt hearts, and waddled off.