Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

Today was warm and promising. Only 12 more weeks until the last frost. We checked on the honey bees- they're healthy! We hung out with the hens- they're lively! We looked under mulched leaves in the perennial beds and tiny green shoots are rising. And then Ezra and I laid out a blanket and soaked up the sun while studying the thatched ground.
Ezra has a taste for grass. ack! It gives me hope that he'll like yerba mate when he's older. heehee. (nope, i'm not feeding him grass in this picture but taking it away. =)And then the camera man posed with me.
And this was Ezra's reaction. Feeling left out mr. ez?
So we had a group hug. =) Ollie and I ate some Valentines dark chocolate and Ezra contentedly played with the box.

Last Valentine's we had no idea our son was waiting right around the corner...We wouldn't know about him for another five days.

And now my wish for all who read this. May delightful surprises and adventuresome bends in the road await us all! And may all our comings and goings be punctuated with hugs and kisses. and chocolate. and candlelight.