Sunday, February 06, 2011

Under her wing

I've inherited a few quilts hand stitched by my ancestors. Incidentally I've also inherited some of their tiny clothes and holy toledo i cannot fit in any of their slips or dresses. I might as well be Maxwell Klinger when I try to put their dainty lacy things on! Back to quilts! The stitches are so tiny and even that in comparison my stitches look positively primeval. Help was wanted 'cause how do people make such tiny stitches?!

Enter Ollie's great uncle's red hot girlfriend. Ruthie is an experienced, talented quilter who still quilts by hand!!! She has a large house with many bedrooms and on each bed there are at least ten precious quilts. Calendars have been made using photos of her quilts!
This is a dresden pattern. Ruthie gave me a template and outlined the quilting basics. Here's a close-up. I love this pattern because one of my ancestors' quilts is very similar.
Above is an example of "shadow quilting". LOVE the texture.
Oliver's favorite was the wedding quilt- he is fascinated by celtic knots.
Ruthie gave me a quick lesson on english paper piecing. Above is a grandmother's flower garden.
My heart remains most loyal to thrifty-use-up-your scraps patchwork. I forgot the name of the above diagonal type of binding- guess I need another lesson!

Below is a yo-yo quilt, another great way to use stash fabric.
And Ruthie gave me a hands-on yo-yo lesson.
My yo-yo was not nearly as nice as hers. Practice! Practice!
Upon leaving Ruthie gave Ezra a gorgeous, colorful Noah's Arc quilt- of course all hand-stitched.
lucky to be learning at the knee of a master