Sunday, February 06, 2011

Our family

There's much talk of ancestors, blood, and genes on gritty pretty. There always has been. I love and honor our fore-parents. ALL OF THEM. Including Ezra's blood. Especially his. Someday I will tell him that before we adopted him, his birth family "adopted me"- in a way too sophisticated to be reflected by the law of the land but real none-the-less. Rachel feels like we're related. I've felt that way since i was 13 and first moved to Provo and saw Rachel's aunt, my longest time friend. There are ties that I sense without knowing why or how. They are priceless.I also felt that mysterious and immediate love for Oliver. Love strong enough to transfer from another sphere to here, where we get to be a family, going on a walk. I push the stroller and Ollie plays the guitar. And Ezra is the reason we are outside on a freezing cold day in the first place. He is an outside kind of guy which is very good for his homebody parents. The plastic rain gear is on the stroller because the wind was arctic that day.
Ezra is wearing a tam-o-shanter that has been in Ollie's family for a very long time. And the sweater I started before he was born. I accidentally made the sleeves and body for a 6 month old and the plackard neck yoke for a 12 month old. Oops.
And here Ezra is wearing another pair of longies. He is smiling so big because his Nina (Ollie's mum) is behind the iphone camera. He LOVES her.
signed, family by birth, family by choice...we're