Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mornings with Nona

Ezra and nona playing ("he's a bird, he's a plane, he's super ezra!")
Ezra's nona (otherwise known as Momma Mia) visits almost every morning. Nona arrives at the top of the hour like clockwork. Because of her we wake up excitedly, hurriedly get dressed, and wait by the window to welcome her with waves and jumping up and down! While I relaxingly drink my morning yerba mate nona plays with Ezra. She gardens. And she sings Spanish songs.
Here she is triumphant from hacking away at the dense yucca jungle in the back garden to make room for new planting beds.  I had already tried digging the yucca out but had given up! Nona grabbed a hatchet and had the yucca gone in a few minutes! People who know nona often describe her as a tornado, a bulldozer, a teenager. I just step back and watch the whirlwind!She says she gets her "umph" from growing up at the rowing club by the river of her hometown. Nona has a great butterfly stroke and can hold her breathe for laps!

 We love you nona! Thank you for taking care of us!
Tu hija