Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Look Around

O'lover posted some lovely HDR pics of the treehouse on Urbanharvester. Finally more realistic pictures of the treehouse that show the deeply grooved bark, the glow of the twilight sky, and that register the depth of the stairs from one floor to the next. The treehouse is one of my favorite spaces and past pictures haven't done it justice. Click here to see more.
Sewed this pillow for a friend inspired by a vision she'd had. You can't see it well...but it's applique with variegated thread... and it's my new crush.
 Ezra wearing his rainbow love hoodie and his horse diaper.
 We had two separate groups of people bring us these GIANT oyster mushrooms found both in town and growing on a tree by the lake. We had it okayed by our favorite mycologist that they were edible. (Thanks Leland & Charla and Jordun & other pretty girl)
Ardell brought us these mushrooms that her clever sister found growing in mulch by a Gold's gym. They are morels and Oliver wicked up a delicious omelet with them.