Tuesday, June 07, 2011

These are the things...

...that are bringing me good cheer.

Our neighbor Harlan telling us "You don't have a front and back yard; you have a front and back garden!" Oliver and I quote Harlan all the time to give each other little pick-me-ups.

My best friend James is so beautiful in this film!!! (I always think he's beautiful but it's hard to take your eyes off of him in this!) And...James ALWAYS brings good cheer.

Taking walks with Ezra while he's taking Curious George for a walk in his radio flyer.
Going shopping with Ezra downtown, a few blocks from home.
And...Ezra trying to make us laugh. Some of his jokes are: shaking his head while dancing, trying to reach into your mouth and grab your tongue (he laughs and laughs at this while we keep our mouths closed and sputter), and sitting in this five gallon crock and then popping out!
POP goes the Ezra!
Oh my gosh, I love this kid.
Besos to all!