Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Look Around

Mr. Holy Cuteness caught red-handed and red-faced in the berry patch.
Ezra knows his way around the garden.
Flowers with almost every meal.
First year we've had cherries! (and yes they are unsprayed and had worms, more protein as momma mia would say, haha.)
More flower power in salads.
Ezra prefers outside but he makes it very clear when he needs to go in for a nap or a snack.
Ezra's wearing vintage forty year old DiStefano/Smith clothing (from my family.)
our second herb spiral with a shade cloth overhead to protect the transplants.

Edible hibiscus, borage flowers, nasturtiums, purslane, calendula, hollyhocks, lemon cucumber, mint

wild lettuce flowers

See the woodpecker pecking at the bamboo sugar snap pea teepee?