Monday, August 08, 2011

Of the Evening and The Hood

The evening primroses at night...
They remind me of those unique individuals whose beauty is revealed in a different season under a paler light.  Give them the moon and they glow. My neighbor Harlan brings his grandkids over at dusk to watch the petals of the prim ladies burst open one by one.
I love my neighborhood! In one direction it's a short walk to shops and restaurants in downtown and in the opposite direction the Wasatch mountains tower over us.  And this clinker brick house on my block? My friends just moved in!!! The lady of the house came over to borrow basil and lemongrass from the garden and then an hour later brought back homemade shrimp and eggplant curry!!! And Harlan? That I occasionally speak of? I brought him and his wife some flowers in a glass jar and they just brought back the jar filled with canned apricots. And my bestest Susan who is also my neighbor...She leaves me dollar bills taped in secret unobvious places ('cause she makes me laugh) and then harvests some garlic chives or whathaveyou. And Amy B of the wild heart? And Amy HS the mama bear? And the Ramseys with their homemade corn icecream and endless plums? And Johnna with her long skirts and high ideals? I HAVE THE BEST NEIGHBORS with the biggest hearts IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! P.S. I could go on and on about every single one of my neighbors. They are ALL the most generous people one could ever know. My pops would have said they are salt of the earth but really they are every spice of the earth!