Monday, August 08, 2011

A Look Around

 Look what I brought in from the garden!
A Provo's Farmers Market pottery vendor makes and sells nifty ceramic berry strainers- harvest and rinse. These were my last few raspberries until the fall varieties produce.
Charla and Leland brought us a great western puffball and some sponge mushrooms. YUM!
This is how we ate the puffball- sliced with eggs, oregano and thyme. The puffball came from Provo Canyon and the other ingredients were from the garden.  Delicious! Thank you L & C!
The rest of the enormous puffball was sliced and dried and then put in jars for another day. 
Here Liz is embroidering on a quilt for Tess.
O'lover and I dipped yucca blossoms into salted melted butter. Yum!
Flowers of the day