Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How to support Provo's pioneer heritage...Move here.

Dear Reader,

The above home is Dutch Colonial. It belongs to our beloved neighbors Harlan and Vuouko, who after 45 years are moving to a retirement community. Harlan used to hike the Y trail every day and even traveled to Nepal to climb mountains. Vuouko is Finnish and has humor and insight for everything. We will miss them tremendously. They have taken immaculate care of their historic home and garden. Their house is the kind of postcard worthy house you come home to for Christmas. For more details and pictures visit the KSL ad by clicking here. The square footage doesn't include the fact that they have a huge attic and full basement with ample open space.  Real estate agents and investors need not contact them.

Our pioneer neighborhoods (especially Joaquin!) are full of creative types (screenwriters, documentary film makers, producers, artists) and within one block we have a Physician for the MTC and a Primary Children's Hospital pediatrician. It's also uncanny how many librarians and humanities professors live here! And neighborhood activists! And Rebecca and Jay whose opera singing and piano playing I could listen to all day!


And if you buy this house enter the code "FrequentFlowers" at the check out and I will bring you seasonal flowers for your table. Haha.