Thursday, September 08, 2011

Art Back Studios...Coming soon!

Behind the cottage are two dilapidated garages but not for much longer! They are being renovated into our gallery and art studios. Construction is advancing at a quick pace because Oliver worked on it during his vacation and because James showed up to help. Help isn't an adequate way to describe what James did. He is a one man crew.

Thank you James.

And no pictures of the studios yet. But here are some random pics of James.

Without hesitation James will wear a southernwood crown if you ask him. This picture was from a recent lunch with new friends, a Jewish scholar from Sussex and an art journalist from the Chicago Tribune (not pictured).

James on a tall graffitied wall of political significance (the berlin wall for all ye youngsters).
James decided the bathroom needed a better view so reinstalled it in the garden.
I can't remember if I took this picture but I was there. This is at the "Superbowl" in Rock Canyon.
James modeling at an EDP fashion show.
James NOT falling asleep (ha!) while modeling in art class. 
James dancing in a dust storm.

James, we love you. And we're so glad Ezra gets to grow up knowing you!