Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day with Dad

Some weeks we don't get enough of Dada. (Aside: How do you know when someone is a total art nerd? You laugh every time someone is being called "dada".  Oliver and I are very pleased that the word "dada" also means this.)

Here's Ezra with his basket of toys ready to go to SLC to hang in Ollie's world.
A critique/tour of downtown architecture. 
Here everyone was discussing the pros and cons of skywalks at city creek. Denver is spending millions tearing down their skywalks because they were detracting from the downtown street front experience.  Downtown is not the mall. (I was listening.) 
Then we went to the LDS conference center and no one mentioned that it is modeled after Middle Eastern ziggurats. But I kept that information to myself which is remarkable. And really I don't know if it was intentionally modeled after an ancient ziggurat (surely it was!) Anyone know?

Still on the tour, after learning about the earthquake proofing at the Capitol building, we went to the real city creek. 
We tagged along while Ollie was deep in discussion about green building.
Later, Ollie showed us a model of a proposal he's working on for the Temporary Museum of Permanent Change.
Then we went to one of Ollie's jobs. The back-to-school wreath on Andy's door is awesome! Love the repurposing of #2 pencils!
Andy and Dada working on renovation details.
I love my boys.
John Brown introducing Ezra to Lil Wayne on the ipod. The volume was really low and Ezra mostly just likes to wear headsets.
Here's Ezra back at home wearing my awesome headset to listen to a Youtube video about combing fleece from a pet angora rabbit. =)

Any day with Dada is a good day. I just thought of at least one more dada joke but you are spared.