Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Maybe four times since E was born I've needed a REAL time out. Which means climbing into the treehouse and spying on the neighbors. Just kidding, I'm not spying, just noticing this tidy garden.
Just kidding! That's our front garden which I have memorized. I am really checking out this garden-of-delights. So pretty!

Yesterday during my very badly needed timeout I watched Ezra giggle and play with his uncle in the garden next door.

Another neighbor's voice floated up and then trailed off as he walked out of hearing distance..."You know I've come to realize a very important truth about Hawaiian haystacks..."

Important truths...Hmmmm...
(this is an abrupt transition into what is occupying my mind)

I've not come to realize important truths about adoption, just that I need perspective and that I am obligated as an adoptive mother to get a basic sense of it.  I read blogs by adoptees, birth/first moms, and adoptive parents. It helps me learn universal themes? I'm not sure what I am learning but I know its my responsibility to listen.

If you are prompted by a need to understand adoption here are some entrance blogs:
Adoption Ain't for Sissies, check out this page. I really really like her. And HA! Turns out she's LDS.
Production Not Reproduction, she hosts open adoption bloggers.
The Declassified Adoptee

With enough time in the tree I feel a connection that renews hope.

I hope for clarity and guidance.
And I hope that next time I need a time-out it won't be all afternoon and all evening in the treehouse. Thanks to Nina and crew for watching Ezra for so long while i got myself together.