Friday, September 30, 2011

A Good Year in the Garden

This year besides our rotational beds we planted five new fruit trees and lots of new perennial flowers and herbs. Here's the list of new plants: soap wort, mugwort, wild quinine, american arnica, meadowsweet, self heal, valerian, motherwort, vervain, wild yam, boneset, gopher purge, gray and green santolinas, veronica alpina, st. john's wort, yerba buena, dittany of crete, zagreb coreopsis, stonecrop, brigham's tea, asters, patchouli, honey eucalyptus, purple iceplant, speedwell goodness grows, delphiniums, dark towers penstemon, garden mums, black-eyed susan vine, old spice geranium,  tansy, and i laid a brick circular bed for jersey knight asparagus, the wisterias are growing up their ladders! and we've had a booth with my mom a couple of times selling herbs at the Stadium Farmer's Market. It's been a good and fruitful year in the garden.

Last night the large dehydrator was filled with spearmint, chocolate mint, peppermint, pineapple mint, ginger mint, bergamot, and silver mint. When we woke up this morning the cottage smelled heavenly. I don't know if drying the different mints all together merges their flavors...we shall see. 

P.S. The patchouli plant really smells like patchouli! 

Bonus pics of other peoples' gardens: 
This is Susan's newly planted edible front garden! All of it is non-poisonous just in case of grazing children. She just brought me a bouquet of flowers from here! Gorgeous! This pic was taken earlier this summer- now it's even more of a riot of color.
And a peek at this sculpture garden in a downtown neighborhood. The beds are tiers of rubber with grommets holding them together. Ezra and I visit this garden a lot as a destination because they're always doing something new. They've got the gardening fever!