Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buoyancy, Tattletales, and the Utah Lake Monsters

I'm taking a cue from my little sister TamTam who just wrote about WATER and specifically Lake Michigan here.

Twice in the last week, while Ezra is at Nina's house for his afternoon nap, Momma Mia kidnapped me for some buoyancy. 

Some literal buoyancy. We launch our kayaks in the Provo river two miles above Utah lake. Winding our way down stream, past peoples' back gardens, through a Halloween magic land, and alongside trash. At one point two trees had fallen and completely blocked the river. We had to haul our boats out and relaunch a hundred yards further down.

Momma Mia always say she's a 12 year old in a now 63 year old body. =) And sure enough, in the lake she was paddling backwards and in circles, exclaiming after all the ducks, and generally being goofy. 

Momma Mia used to kayak Provo river every week when the water is low and haul out trash collected in log jams (plastic lawn chairs! discarded Christmas decorations! water bottles!) but this time she tattletaled about the fallen trees and trash at the State Park office. They said they'd get the county to clean it up.

Further out, I was by myself.

At 37 I am as ancient as the waters which once reached across the entire Utah basin.

I am completely free.

To choose whatever. 

(and I choose exactly the life I have now.)


Whoops! Almost forgot to mention the Utah lake monsters as the title of this post suggests! We used to summon them as kids! (They are friendly monsters.) And after all these years they're still circling and lapping at my boat. =)