Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 things Frida

Prompted by many coincidences the cottage is having an all things frida kahlo resurgence. frida's so epically inspiring! i just checked her art auction history. as you know, her paintings ain't cheap. (but if we all got together and sold all our houses in exchange for ONE painting...)

First, did you see the frida kahlo inspired dollhouse elsita made?

Second, years ago my friend emily lent me her frida kahlo cookbook and yes i returned it but i miss that cookbook and need my own copy! Frida excelled at celebrating all the traditional Mexican holidays with food, food, color, decor, and more food!my bestest (Sus) dressed as frida for the art night at farrer elementary.
(photo swiped from Amy Beatty)

oh frida! your raw, powerful, passionate paintings! your riotous celebrations! your never flinching courage in painting your truth.

P.S. If you know Sus you probably have a magnet of Susan as Frida on your fridge. There were hundreds of magnets made and I love visiting old college friends and they all have a Susan/Frida souveneir.