Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Look Around

These past few October afternoons have felt like August. But not for long! Our first hard frost is on Tuesday night! Time to put the garden to bed!

I knit this pumpkin head a hat for his birthday. Ezra will get one soon too, maybe just in time for the temperature drop.
Wasatch elementary once gave me their class rat, Azurat. How I loved her! She would sit in my long sleeve, poking out her rat nose, while I practiced the piano. Our harvest table features this rat in my pet's memory.
Oliver bought me 500 red wigglers for our anniversary. The sweetest thing ever! They are housed in this high-rise worm cafe.
There are thousands of worms now. They eat kitchen scraps and I use their worm castings for fertilizer. 
Graceful and strong, Swan teaches yoga at the Quarry. And in the living room.
AJ and Nina working late to finish this mushroom piƱata. I had so much fun doing the paper mache.