Thursday, October 13, 2011

More from the Weekend

Did someone say "Tap dancing violinist plus a singer songwriter crystal-bowl playing guitarist?!" We are there! 

Billy and Grace Tea live in a gypsy caravan and traveled up from Boulder Utah to play at the Great Salt Lake Guitar Company. 

They invited this guy from the audience to play percussion. He was ASTOUNDING too. 

Ezra was blown away! So was I! Half way through the concert he got up and danced at the front with the other kids. And afterwards he flirted unabashedly with Grace, the lead singer. 
And when the lights went up, and the cleaning was underway, I sat down to draw Liz as part of a new challenge to draw every night. My friend Pam ,who has four kids, set the example! Go check out her fine drawings! (Pam, my drawing was horrid! I can't show it!) Ezra kept hurling himself at my model whom he adores making it very difficult, so i recruited Oliver to draw Liz and he did a much more respectable job. 

 and this is where I insert Ollie's drawing. Eventually. Once I scan it- hmmm...which isn't likely to happen.=)