Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Look Around on the Weekend

 Ezra has discovered grapes. I've discovered that they go right through his system. =)
With Ezra as their shepard, the ladies are now regularly let out to forage. 
Estelle found this two week old kitty in a parking lot. One of the most AMAZING moments for me was watching Ezra bottle feed the kitty with reverence. Thanks for letting us be a small part of the rescue efforts Estelle!
Ezra and Estelle helped put up Halloween decorations. 
Chris, chef and baker, surprised us with a basket of his pumpkin scones and sourdough bread. YUM! Another weekend he brought brownies and muffins. Thanks for being on a baking spree Chris!
 Chris played for us on my silly DI guitar; which after Rio from the Great Salt Lake Guitar company worked on it and with Chris playing it sounds WORLD CLASS.
James stayed up all night with Ollie working on a model for a proposal. Thanks James!