Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rotational Beds

Planted this year with the hope of forever after being fruitful: Goji berry shrubs! Huckleberries! White Imperial Currants!

And in the tall grower rotational beds:  The three sisters (corn, pole beans, squash), indeterminate tomatoes (green zebras, brandywines), lemon cucumbers, armenian cucumbers, peas

Low-grower rotational beds: 
Group 1-sweet peppers, hot peppers, bush beans (heirloom bountiful, stringless snap, painted dry, cherry red potatoes, yukon gold, austrian crescent, purple majesty, tomatillos, eggplants
Group 2- Farao cabbage, moonlight nasturtiums, broccoli, american purple top rutabagas, red ursa kale, long island brussel sprouts, vates blue curled kale, white icycle radishes
Group 3- japanese imperial long carrots, red core chantenay carrots, st. valery carrot heirloom, slow bolt cilantro, salsify (which never germinated!)
Group 4- lots and lots of onions, japanese chrysanthemums (edible) and as pictured below...a wilderness of calendula (behind Ezra) which has since mostly been pulled out and replaced with a fall planting of garlic bulbs. AJ is in the background picking berries for one of her awesome tarts.
I started the growing season worried that the rotational beds were too well maintained and that there would be no room for the magic of an heirloom self- seeding garden. HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I had pulled A LOT of weeds but the garden was by no means too well-maintained! We had PLENTY of plants from years past sprout up and bless our garden- in fact, the plants that plant themselves are often the most impressive. Thank goodness for an auto-pilot garden! It only needs a little steering, an occassional nudging, and watering from Ezra (its his chore)!
This year's favorite reseeders were the German chamomile (my favorite tea!), carrots, and the ladies never tire of eating the volunteer borage. But for the first time no self-seeding watermelons showed up. Ouch.
The "cracks" in the perennial herb beds were filled in with salad greens, detroit beets, etc. And vining their way through the herb & flower beds: little jack pumpkins, princess pumpkins, zucchinis, winter squashes, spaghetti squashes, zapatillos, scallop squash, butternut squash.

Harvest post coming up!