Friday, October 21, 2011

Susan's Blog!!!

K, don't get too excited. Susan doesn't really have a blog. So I will have to blog for her! (She has never shown the slightest interest in blogdom.) But our overlapping lives means a sneak peak into susan's world every once in a while...

Susan made me and Ezra some felt pumpkin people!

Super Z just celebrated his second birthday. He hates cake and LOVES fruit so Susan' made him the below fruit bouquet. Notice the witch in flight (watermelon at the top).
 Party friends below. Lifelong friends that I am so glad we get to watch grow up!
The two-year olds
These cuties go on long adventurous walks together. Super Z is a compassionate and clever child. And the best stroller partner! We are so lucky to know him!!!
We see Sus and Super Z almost every day- or several times a day! 
She is a dear and loyal friend. 
Susan, we love you.