Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet, Wise, and Hilarious!

More about Sus:

When I first met her she was going through a phase of wearing sweaters as pants and pants as sweaters. Her roommate often dressed her up for classes. It made life so much BRIGHTER to wonder what Sus was going to wear today!

As far as I can tell Susan was BYU's first performance artist. She would walk around in a swim suit with fur glued all over herself. This is her as Fire Storm Red nail polish.
And this is part of the set.

In art school Sus was always organizing so I heard a ton about her long before I really got to know her. In fact, because of Sus, BYU artists traveled to her home town for art shows and my work is now owned by someone in Minneapolis (which looks stellar on a students' resume, thanks Sus!)

Susan used to model for BYU figure drawing classes. In a bikini, sitting still for hours. Hundreds of Susan portraits abound.

Rumors circulated about this amazing and one-of-a-kind person and... I started getting seriously jealous! I would dream that Susan started up galleries and art studios in downtown Provo and wake up feeling so flaming jealous! I felt so bad for harboring intense feelings towards Susan so I would call her to apologize and leave weird stalker messages on her phone about my jealousy and dreams!

So...maybe you saw this coming....drum roll...

Susan and I started an art gallery together! With Jen Harmon and Katie Campbell! Susan thought it would be awesome to name the gallery "fart rant gely rol" (for at least a few minutes).
But instead it became "Art Front Gallery". We had new art exhibits every two weeks for a couple of years. And local and touring bands played three or more times a week. It was a rocking place! We had crowds spilling out the warehouse on many occasions and sometimes filling the entire streets with hundreds of people. Unfortunately photos are few and far between. But here's this one! I recognize some of the peeps below, do you?

Sus has always been an extremely nurturing person. She will be nursing Super Z or pumping for Ezra while spouting ideas. Susan is an idea generator. She can't stop thinking up ambitious plans for art and film making! or for making our neighborhood better!

Susan teaches her kids to pray every time they hear ambulance sirens; a quick prayer for the well being of strangers. 

Classic Sus photo with one eye wandering just a tiny bit! She's really good at it!